Posted by: teej1 | July 24, 2007

Funding For Faith-Based Schools

Today the would-be Premier John Tory released his plan to fully fund faith based schools.

So, what would this system really mean?

Under John Tory’s scheme private schools would get a total of $500 million for 5,300 children. This works out to $9,400 per child.

Also under Tory’s scheme public schools would receive $300 million – $200 million less than faith-based private schools – for over 2 million children. This works out to $150 per child.

To sum this all up, it means that children in faith-based private schools are going to be getting $9,400 and the rest of us will get a paltry $150. Thanks a lot John! We appreciate it.

The other blogs – both left-wing and right-wing – are chiming in with their discontent tonight as well but we think that one particular blog summed it up quite nicely:

Ontario Provincial Con leader John Tory figures he can make some political hay by promising to shell out some of those good, good tax dollars to “faith based schools”. Well Mr. Tory, how about we return to the 21st century….Mr. Tory, quit shopping for votes with my tax dollars. Fix the education system we have before you go adding layers of bureaucracy, red tape, expense and bullshit to the price tag. This is a cheap (well, very expensive actually) and transparent attempt to buy some votes.



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